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Do you understand, what is the blog? If yes, that means you are ready to move to the next step to start a blog. Do you know what the niche and micro-niche are? And do you know how to find the most profitable niche for your blog?

If you are also looking for the answer to above questions, then this blog niche guide is for you.

The next thing is to find the profitable niche for your blog. There is no doubt that you can write about anything on your blog but it is hard to make such blog successful when competition is high.

No matter it`s you, me or someone else, we use the internet to get the right solutions for our problems. When a person was looking for the answer to some particular question, he/she always like the site which strictly answers to the point without making the reader go through an additional list of articles.

For example: If you want to fix a car and searching the answer on a news site then you end up wasting your time. But if you know a place which talks only about car issues and fixes, you will visit that website alone.

That is the reason why Niche or micro niche blogs are more popular than multi-niche blogs. The best thing about niche blogs is that it helps you understand your audience in a much better way and offer them what the best in the industry is.

There is no doubt that it will not attract every single reader around the world, but it becomes more worthy for those who need that solution.

Most of the time newbie bloggers make the big mistake of not deciding the niche of the blog when they start a blog, and later they get confused with a lot of topics and niche. This will make their readers walk away from their blogs quickly.

Remember: If you want to become a professional blogger, then your blog should be targeting some specific niche.

There are specific questions/factors that you need to take care when choosing a profitable niche for your blog.

Now let`s see how you are going to find the niche for your blog with the help of this complete blog niche guide.

Follow Your Passion:


If you have been reading favorite blogs, then you may have read it many times. Every professional and successful blogger advice you to start a blog on the niche, you are passionate about.

You may find it a joke, but there is a reason why every successful blogger advice you to choose the niche of your interest.

When you blog about your passion or niche of your interest, you will enjoy many benefits:

1) You will never get bored.

2) You will enjoy working on your blog niche and become more productive.

3) You will not only write in an old-fashioned way but also bring new ideas into existence.

4) You will spread the word about your blog wherever you go.

5) You will deliver this passion from your words to the reader and readers will enjoy coming on your blog again and again.

But if you choose a niche just for the sake of money or the niche that you find profitable but do not have the interest in that, then you will harm your blog in the long run. You will never feel satisfied and never deliver the same feeling.

The worse case is when you choose a niche but do not have good knowledge about the slot, and it will show in your words. Noone likes to read an amateur blog.

Now you may ask, how can you find that if your passion is monetizable? Or how can you find your love for starting a blog?

How to find your passion as blogging niche?

Find Your Passion : Blogging Niche Guide

Are you daring enough to follow your passion and do you want to make money blogging with it? You may find it difficult to choose a profitable blogging niche from your interest.

Here are the few questions which will help you to find your passion:

1) Write down your hobbies and see what you like the most.

2) Do you spend your time reading, writing and enjoying about your passion?

3) What is the topic on which you can talk for hours without thinking again?

4) What you enjoy the most when reading and writing?

5) What did you enjoy at school at college?

6) What can you enjoy doing without caring about salary?

7) What you think can help you to motivate others to follow you?

If you are still not able to find your passion, then you can do what I did.

Make a list of the topics of your interest. Now try writing an article for every single issue before actually starting a blog. If you find it hard to write and get irritated or out of ideas, that means the topic is not right for you.

This will help you to save yourself from wasting money on the non-interested niche.

But if you enjoy writing about the topic and gain a boost from inside that you can write more about the subject that means you are shaking hands with your passion.

This will help you to do more research and find more ideas to write few more posts before you start a blog.

So now you know how to find your passion for deciding the blogging niche.

How to find if your passion is a profitable niche for blogging?

Profitable Blogging niche

No matter what niche you choose, there is already a list of blogs available for every topic. You also do not want to pick a subject where you get traffic but don`t earn any money.

You may also do not want to choose a niche which is good to make money but has no traffic.

An excellent and profitable niche for blogging is always that which is related to your interest, helps you make money and has a right amount of traffic.

Here are the few ways which will help you to find if your interest is a profitable niche.

1) Check Business Value of your Niche:

Check Business Value of your Niche : Choose niche for blogging

Everyone in this world work for money. You never want to waste his/her time doing a task or job in which you will not earn anything.

It is essential that you should check the market value of your niche.

You can do this very quickly.

For example: If you want to start a blog on domain services, then first go to, Type the keyword you want to use in your blog such as “best domain services.”

You will see the ads before Google search result. This is the indication that the topic is profitable as businesses are spending money to promote the products.

2) Check Search Volume of Your niche:

Check Search Volume of Your niche : Choose niche for blogging

Go to Google Keyword Planner and search for the keyword. Go to “Keyword Ideas,” and you will see the Avg. Monthly searches. If the search result is 100k or more that means the niche you are choosing is in high demand and you can start your blog on it.

You can also take the help of SEMRush tool to know the organic search volume and CPC rate of the keyword or niche.

3) Check Google Trends:

Check Google Trends : find profitable niche

Before starting a blog on the niche of your interest, you should first check the latest trends and find the future of your niche. You can take help of Google trends to see if the keyword or the niche you want to start a blog about is in patterns. If the graph of the direction is rising, that means your niche has a good future.

Remember: What you start today will decide your future.

Now, you have found the best and profitable niche for blogging according to your interest. You can move to the next step.

Incoming Days, I will answer these questions to help you start a professional blog.

Have you read this complete niche guide? What have you found helpful?

Do you still have any question; feel free to ask me via comments.

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